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The base consists of a chipboard 18 mm thick with a 1 mm ABS edge. The surface is always smooth, but the wood patterns have a fine embossed structure. This material provides a favorable value for money.


The treatment of the chipboard with an acrylic surface creates a high-gloss surface resistant to moisture and UV radiation (color fast). Minor mechanical damage can be repaired with a service kit. We offer classic as well as 3D ABS edges. The door is only produced in a smooth design.


It is glued on both sides to 18 mm thick chipboard with wooden veneer. It is not possible to mill a decorative relief on the door, they are always smooth. The edges are adjusted with 1 mm veneer tape. The resulting surface is semi-gloss. Veneered cabinet doors are supplied by a Slovak manufacturer.


18 mm thick chipboard is treated with a 2 mm ABS edge. Synchropor brings the increasingly popular quality imitation of wood more beautiful than veneer, which faithfully copies not only the color but also the structure of the wood. The doors are not produced in embossed, but only in a smooth design.


The base is made of fibreboard. It is also possible to use the foil to adjust the door on which the decorative, classic or modern, relief has been milled. It is possible to achieve a glossy and matte surface or decors, including wood imitation.

Paint spraying

The fibreboard is first sealed and then sprayed with several coats of paint. There are up to 211 RAL color shades available, which can be selected from the swatches.


Fundermax uses a combination of resin materials to achieve an interesting effect called shine with noise. The door is 19 mm thick and is highly resistant to thermal and chemical stress.


For the modern look of the kitchen, it is of course possible to replace classic materials such as chipboard and MDF with glass mounted in the frame. Glass suitable for cabinet doors can be supplied in various decors.



The worktop made of natural stone will take the kitchen to a completely different level. In addition to quality, elegance and nobility, they are also extremely resistant to mechanical damage and high temperatures. With harder types of stone (granite, quartz), food can be prepared without the use of a mat, directly on the worktop.


It has similar properties to natural stone, but it consists of stone dust and a binder (polyester resin). Silestone artificial stone offers up to 50 different shades, in our offer you will also find Zodiaq or Okite artificial stone. Its main component is quartz, which is highly resistant to both scratches and dirt, but it is nevertheless recommended to treat the surface with some regard. Some chemicals can tarnish the surface or damage the artificial stone.


Particleboards are the most affordable, but also the least resistant to damage in terms of durability. They are produced in various colored decors, which may or may not be the same as the decor of the doors and cabinets of the cabinets. They are also made in decors imitating natural stone. Everyone will find something for themselves in the wide range of decors.